Syncing Game Clients that have Latencies ...

Really interesting Article on Game Syncing via Elixir.

It first connects each client via a socket, calculates the ping for each client on server side (based on delay b/w messageSent and messageReceived timestamps), and sends the message with the appropriate delay for each client, hence all the clients get the message at the exact same time.

Pretty cool, if you are building a multiplayer game.

Old Memories: KNiT ...

Here is the KNiT video I made during my days at VIT University. (Spoiler: The Ending Logo part took a long time to make back then ...)

Just wanted to post it here so I can keep a reference.

Insight into the Hierarchy

Currently I have included the engine inside the game I am building. So it looks kind of like this:

File Hierarchy

Later I can move it to another C++ DLL or Lib (Which will go to github as open source).

ScaledC in action

A very pre-mature build of my DX Engine. It has a couple of things:

1) Azura UI in action, staying in the Direct2D space irrespective of the Z coordinate.
2) Also a small version of ScaledC (a port of ScaledJS)

The development is mostly slowed down for the moment due to a lot of stuff like my exams, courses etc. Will be working once I'm done with my applications!

Barclays Rise Hack 2016

Participated in Barclays Rise Hackathon 2016 (25th September), world's largest Fin-tech Hackathon. My team won Rs. 150,000 (yay me!) for implementing a proof of concept that makes offers and advertisements smarter and more reliable, and hence providing a better conversion ratio for banks and merchants. Overall, we won the Moxtra API challenge where we signified the use of that API in our project.

Here is a tech summary of what we used:

Frontend: Bootstrap & Mobile part on Android
Server: Elixir deployed via exrm
DB: MySQL (Yeah, it was a hack xP)

It was ironic that I, coming from a background of CouchDB and Couchbase, used MySQL. But I felt it was easiest to deliver the product within the right amount of time. Since Elixir had frameworks like Ecto (which is similar to SailsJS's waterline models & also provides similar blueprinting apis) that helped develop the system in a relatively faster way.

I am really pleased with the results. Learnt a lot of elixir from this hack and I really want to go further into this language!

1st Pitch of my life to an Angel Investor

I pitched my company's software, Storedock, to CEO of Barclays Wealth, Satya Bansal. It was my first pitch, and boy it was tough. I got some great feedback from him. He was very intrigued by Storedock as we have thought about this application for such a long time. It stomps over our competitors by giving near sub-second store availability, localization, offline playback thanks to couchdb, channel support, payment gateway support and many more features.

Me Pitching!

(Apologies for the potato quality image, It's me there in the black t-shirt)

The discussion ended with an exchange of contacts, and an opportunity to, maybe just maybe, collaborate with one of the best Angel investors out there!

Bye Tumblr ...

I migrated all my data to WP Engine. It has way better plugins and the ability to support markdown.

console.log('Writing Code is easier now');

Won Europe Tier 5 Battle Cup

I recently won the Dota 2 Battle Cup Tier 5 EU Division. The Battle Cup was Valve Software's first Dota 2 automated tournaments that were organized every weekend.

Tier 5 Final Victory Screen

It was one hell of a tournament. Thanks Valve.

CouchDB Inspector

Got some time off on a Sunday to work more on this:

I deviated from the previous UI. Thought that a more native UI is better than fauxton’s color scheme. Used Photon.css to fine tune the UI. JSONDiffViewer is also working as expected (a few glitches, will be resolved later on).


Project Incoming ...

I recently posted about JSON diffs. They are really useful in the case of CouchDB where there are tons of revisions in a document. (Apart from Conflicting revisions). However there is no such tool to view Diffs.

Decided to make CouchDB Document Inspector. A Document Inspector for showing how documents evolve in the process.

I will be making this project either in AngularJS RequireJS or React Webpack

The application will be available as an electron application on Linux and Windows. (I don’t have a mac … yet)