Hello! :)


Welcome to my blog. I’m Vasu, an adventurous coder working on some awesome projects. I love to explore and make projects that are unique in some particular aspect.

Currently, I am a first year graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Computer Graphics and Game Technology.

I used to work at Storedock as a Software Developer and had some amazing experiences at LinkedIn and Zomato.

I am currently involved in numerous projects ranging from games built on Unity3D to a custom game engine on DirectX. I am also looking into Elixir for programming game servers.

I like to work on open source initiatives too. I’m a contributor to some libraries including ElectronJS, LokiJS, Node Printer etc. and I have a couple of my own projects. Feel free to check them out!

Thanks for visiting.

PS: I just changed my website to accommodate the Portfolio. Some older posts might have some formatting issues due to code snippets 🙂