Connected my two libraries together to get some awesome renders for the first time.

Azura – My DirectX Engine
ScaledC – My C++ Terrain Generator

I created a new GameObject called Terrain and used ScaledC to generate the terrain values and assigning colors.

Mesh mesh = Mesh(renderState);
BasicMesh cubeMesh = ShapesHelper::GetPlane(length, breadth, rowDivisions, colDivisions); // Get Default Plane Mesh from Azura

auto rowVertices = rowDivisions + 1;
auto colVertices = colDivisions + 1;

auto generator = Scaled::Generator(rowVertices, colVertices);

auto map = generator.GenerateMap(); // 2D Array

// After this, I modified the Y aspect of each vertex in the mesh.
// The Mesh and Perlin noise had the same amount of vertices, hence just translated them accordingly.


100×100 Resolution:

Perlin 100x100

1000×1000 Resolution:

Perlin 1000x1000