Added a few more stuff to make it more versatile. There is a difference between this and the previous post.

First Post:

The Time & Position were Continuous. i.e The Drag was gradual. The speed used to change gradually based how much longer you held the button.

This Post:

The Position is divided into 3 finite steps. Specified by Tilt Level (yeah .. Tilt) as 0, 1, 2 . This gives a lot of control over the type of drag, and I can customize mechanics based on the tilt of the arrow.

Like for eg, the most elementary mechanic would be game speed based on Tilt. so for Tilt 2 or -2 (for left hand side) the drag would be a lot. The drag / speed transition is still gradual with the only difference being that speed is now divided into slabs based on tilt level.

Adding discrete steps makes the game a little more simple both for developer and for the user. I think this is a right step in the direction.