Built a small Utility for Store Dock folks. Allows easy server switching by abstracting ssh.

npm install -g axicli
axicli setup
>cdn: <your_cdn_url_for_config>
>ssh_username: <your_username>

Once that’s done a simple restart of the shell/terminal will unlock some awesome commands

What Commands?

say I have a server named dev( and prod(


both the above commands perform SSH and if you have your rsa keys setup its a direct one command connect. No need to remember IPs of each server that you need to connect.


axicli update shell

Updates the shell’s configuration so just by changing json’s everyone can update their commands.

axicli register <server_name>

Setting up rsa keys on the server using ssh

Simple and easy tool to manage.

Supported Shells: Bash, ZSH

Linux/Unix, Cygwin (Windows Shells not supported yet.)