Azura Engine

Azura Engine is a real-time rendering system that runs on D3D12 and  Vulkan APIs. It is also aimed to be cross platform (Currently it builds online on Windows CI servers).

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Current Active Projects


Frostbite inspired Cloth Simulation

Flamenco is a GPU position-based dynamics (PBD) cloth simulation sufficiently fast and robust for use in games. Using Flamenco, one can convert any 3D Model into a cloth based simulation. It is quite flexible and can simulate a variety of different types of cloth (based on factors like stretching and bending).

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Procedural Planet was a demo scene built to validate deferred rendering and generic render passes in Azura. The project itself was a WebGL project, and I ported it to my engine. The shaders were converted to HLSL (Slang shaders) from GLSL. Also, the g-buffers were optimized for memory usage.

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